Hypnosis For Weight Loss

I want to talk a little today about Hypnosis for weight loss.

There many reasons why people often struggle with weight loss and also maintaining their ideal weight.

I want to talk specifically about those who overeat, or make choices with foods that continue to keep them stuck. Thoughts are powerful – however unless they are followed with positive action, nothing changes. Often we have thoughts that cause us to say to ourselves ” I must lose weight” or “I will lose weight” . That’s generally as far as it goes for many! Thats because the words ‘ must’ and ‘will’ are in the future and which never tend to eventuate. Food and especially the sweet stuff (chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, cakes etc) quite often can become a habitual emotional comfort. So  whether a person is feeling down or stressed, or, maybe excited and happy – they reach for the snacks.

Underlying Belief maybe?

Many people can be driven to overeat because of a suggestion or belief that has remained within the subconscious mind since childhood. For example – “you must not be wasteful, you must finish everything on the plate!”. Maybe it was  ” money doesn’t grow on trees – and food costs money!”. We’ve all heard these sayings at some time in our lives. But for those people who feel a little uncomfortable or even guilty about leaving food on the plate and aren’t sure why they feel this way – it could be that one of the many old beliefs about your approach to food might be in play. Many people try all sorts of fast acting diets in an attempt to make the change. Yet they never seem to be able to maintain the desired goal weight once they have achieved it.

Hypnosis for weight loss is a powerful intervention for helping to alter the way we relate to food and food portions, and re training the subconscious mind with more appropriate suggestions for healthy eating habits. Each one of us is unique and individual so even though there are common factors relating to how we are approaching eating, the reasons why can be varied and different. I will work with you as an individual to help you with your specific situation and empower you to move you towards your ideal weight and to maintain it. Contact Us..

Best wishes, David