Health & Safety Policy – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Health & Safety Policy – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Sunshine Clinical Hypnosis – we take health and safety seriously for everyone.

We understand the importance of remaining calm and taking a ‘common sense’ approach during times of public concern. We also adhere to and keep up with any current advice from the health authorities.  This is to help mitigate any spread of the flu or the latest coronavirus problem.

Because your health & safety is important to us, the following policy has been put in place with immediate affect –

What you need to do..

So before you attend any hypnotherapy appointment, make sure that you do not have an existing cold or flu. Also make sure that you are not experiencing any related cold or flu symptoms. If you are, contact us and ask to reschedule your appointment to a later date when you are well again. If you have already been tested and found to be positive for COVID-19, make sure you have been completely cleared of the virus by your Doctor before making or attending an appointment.

When you attend your appointments, we will ask you to remove your shoes, and to use the hand sanitiser before entering the clinic room. We will take your temperature using a non contact infra red thermometer. These measures are necessary to help protect your and our heath and safety. It also helps to protect other clients attending appointments while the current coronavirus is around.

You will not be sitting in a waiting room with other clients.  We conduct all  appointments on an individual basis and time buffers prevent our clients from meeting each other, either before or after your appointment.

 What we are doing..

Apart from our normal cleaning schedule, we will keep the clinic room sanitized between each client using disinfectant surface sprays and wipes as a maximum preventative measure. We will ensure our own strict hygene practices are adhered to including regular hand washing.  This also provides a level of comfort for you. So – you can feel confident that we are doing everything possible to mitigate the chances of any flu or COVID-19 virus being caught or spread. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time ahead and we look forward to seeing you and supporting your ongoing good health.


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