Links to Professional Hypnotherapy Associations

Sunshine Clinical Hypnosis provides this page with links to Hypnotherapy Associations and govering bodies. There are also links to some directories and other useful information.

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia – National Register of Australian Hypnotherapists

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) is the national peak body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia. The HCA is comprised of, and represents, hypnotherapists associations across the country. It also lists many approved hypnotherapy training organisations.

The Australian Hypnotherapists Association

The AHA represents only professional clinical hypnotherapists. It also fulfils many crucial roles within the framework of the hypnotherapy profession. The AHA was founded in 1949 and incorporated in 1956. Since then, it has grown into the largest independent professional body for hypnotherapists in Australia. The Australian Hypnotherapists Association exists for its members and therefore member benefits and services are its first priority. The second priority of the AHA, is to ensure that the hypnotherapy profession is represented appropriately, to government and other professional organisations

The New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists

The official website of the NZAPH. Similarly to the AHA, this association is the leading professional body for professional hypnotherapists in New Zealand. It works for its members to promote the field of professional clinical hypnotherapy, and also provides membership benefits.

Australian Health Directory

The Australian Health Directory® is a national directory. It is also a gateway to the health industry. Moreover, the vision is to include information about every health industry participant in the country.


Stress and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has a long documented history of success. Especially with treatment of people who suffer from the effects of negative type stress. Furthermore, there are no drugs or chemicals involved.

Because of the qualitative depth of physical & mental relaxation that is produced during hypnosis, the mind and body can benefit greatly and therefore help to reduce stress.


Dave Taylor – Guitarist

Dave Taylor is also a Guitarist and has performed at many Wedding ceremonies and special events.

David Taylor – Linkedin Profile

David Taylor’s profile at Linkedin

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