Hypnotherapy & Healing

Healing during hypnotherapy can take place on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels. Hypnosis can become a bridge to enhancing the healing process.

If I were to ask you what you do to relax, what would your answer be? 

Maybe you would tell me that you like to read a book or potter in the garden. Or maybe you would watch a movie, have a glass of wine or play golf. This is a question I often ask my clients and the responses are almost always the same. Clients will name an activity that they like to engage themselves in. These are some of the things we do to enjoy ourselves and are indeed, a form of relaxation.

However once a client has experienced the deep physical and mental relaxation that is produced when he/she is in the state of hypnosis, they will almost always comment that they have not felt that depth of relaxation before. This is because the hypnotherapist generally induces hypnosis by engaging that part of the autonomic nervous system (the parasympathetic nervous system) that balances the mind and body between stresses and promotes homeostasis, which in turn promotes healing.

Experiencing this type of altered state of consciousness (hypnosis) can be extremely beneficial for ones sense of health and well-being. It can even be beneficial without the hypnotherapist giving any further suggestions. While in the hypnotic trance, and with therapeutic techniques used during hypnosis, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing can occur.

Our self talk, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings can play a part in either enhancing or prolonging the healing process. Negative attitudes, thoughts and feelings tend to invoke more negative images in the mind which is unhelpful in assisting with mind & body healing. However positive attitudes, thoughts and feelings tend to do the opposite and can invoke more positive and uplifting images in the mind that can be very helpful with creating a much healthier mental, emotional, spiritual and physical environment.


Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of ‘mind body healing’ or ‘mind body medicine’. It is the investigation of the ‘Pathways’ connecting the mind and body. And how the body processes emotions, attitudes, perceptions and beliefs. And furthermore, how they create physiological or biochemical change. There has been a rapid advance in scientific understanding of the immune system over the last 20 years. Prolonged negative thoughts, emotions, perceptions and stress can inhibit the body’s immune system function. Consequently a person may become more vulnerable to disease or ill health. Conversely positive thoughts, emotions, perceptions and positive stress can strengthen and bolster the immune system. This can result in a decrease of vulnerability to disease and ill health and/or promoting healing.

The use of hypnosis for assisting the healing process has been around for hundreds of years, however as more and more research has been carried out, more evidence has been revealed to suggest that we humans are a mind with a body and not a body with a mind. The two are one when it comes to health and healing.

There is much evidence to suggest that belief’s, and the meaning that one attaches to the experience of a health challenge can have either a positive or negative influence upon the outcome. Often, we may not be consciously aware of a negative or perhaps false belief that may be hindering the body’s immune system to operate at its optimum and thus affecting the healing process. Conversely, a positive belief and attached meaning may assist and even quicken the healing process.